Teaser 4

Further Tidbits, the first describing Jericho's early adulthood, the second Enzo's.

Perhaps he already dimly sensed some separate spiritual destiny; perchance he was searching for his personal kehuna: that devout priesthood of like-minded souls who would show him whether he belonged anywhere at all. But while gifted with boundless energy, spelling never was his forté, and neither was focus. So quite soon he became deeply distracted from his noble quest.


If what one wanted from him instead was verbal intercourse, but one preferred mumbled English over jumbled Italian (the proffered alternatives to impromptu sounds and signals), he’d manage to express through a heavy accent, that a thriving fish was ruined upon the stove by his silly sibling. Just a moment … that he hailed from a village of six houses, including barns, such as exist all over Sicily. Eventually, after much back and forth it would come to light, despite considerable skepticism and loudly reiterated short phrases (how did most of humanity inevitably intuit that what ailed myopic foreigners was actually their ear-canals?), that he wanted to be an electrician. 

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